Meet Paige, Cohesion’s new Events and Marketing Apprentice!

After the first 4 weeks of working in a new and exciting environment, I have realised just how much there is to learn in regard to the events and entertainment industry.

In my first 2 week period, not only did I organise a gig with limited help from Julie, I was able to manage the effective running of the event and receive high praise such as; ‘this event is more professional than a TV gig and you only started 2 weeks ago!’

Comments like these are real eye-openers and it shows how with enough potential and hard work, my career can soar. As well as running events, there is also the entertainment industry to understand! Learning about commissions, tax, VAT and revenue has shown me how complex it is to run a business in the entertainment industry and to more importantly, make it a success.

As well as the practical work on entertainment and events, there is the marketing side of the industry which is just as interesting! From press releases, to adverts, to interviews and radio interviews, it is amazing to see what some publicity can do for an event. Working at Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton is giving me the opportunity to see the behind the scenes aspects of promotion and how if a product is marketed correctly, it can make or break sales.

By working alongside Julie I hope to achieve my goal of becoming a full time event planner and with the experience I am accumulating it has demonstrated to me just how passionate I am about achieving my dream!

Published Date: 10th August 2015
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