Artists for Marketing

Celebrities and entertainers are ideal to increase the profile of a product, company or event. They can add gravitas to a company video, create a lasting impression with a voiceover and their presence generates interest and publicity to a launch or event.

From national marketing campaigns and hosting product press launches to opening a new venue, using a professional host or celebrity name is a proven method of marketing a product or service.

At Cohesion we also work in conjunction with PR companies and the media to provide celebrity based competition prizes and celebrity hosted roadshows. As part of our consultancy service we can also provide ideas of how to maximise the PR from your event.

Celebrity endorsement is a recognised method of increasing consumer trust and awareness of a product. At Cohesion we provide celebrity appearances and voiceovers for advertising campaigns and personal endorsements.Please contact us to discuss how we can help to find the right celebrity to promote your products, services or business.